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High-Efficiency Furnace

comfortable heat for your home

Heating your home is the most important element in keeping your family comfortable. Your furnace is really the heart of your home.

  • Your heating contractor needs to perform a heat loss/heat gain for your heating system.
  • Consider air filtration and purification when installing a new furnace.
  • Make sure your duct work is properly sized, sealed and clean.
  • Don't be caught in a no-heat situation! Schedule annual maintenance each year.

Consistent Heating

Modulating furnaces

Purchasing a new furnace is more than buying a 'box'. You are making an investment for your home and you want it to provide you with safe, consistent heat all winter long.

A modulating furnace provides heat at a consistent level to make sure your home stays comfortable.

Heat Loss

size does matter

When purchasing a new furnace, make sure your heating contractor performs a heat loss/heat gain.

A heat loss/gain makes sure that your new furnace is properly sized for your home and that you don't purchase a heating system that is too small and constantly runs, or that it is too big and turns on and off constantly.

Talk to a reputable heating and cooling company who can properly size your home comfort equipment and keep your home comfortable.