Keep Your Furnace Warranty Valid: How Annual Maintenance Helps669 Heat

Keep Your Furnace Warranty Valid: How Annual Maintenance Helps

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December 17, 2017
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Keep Your Furnace Warranty Valid: How Annual Maintenance Helps

furnace warranty valid with annual maintenance

There are so many questions out there about furnace warranty and how it involves furnace maintenance and having an annual furnace tune-up.

“Do I need to have annual furnace maintenance?”

“Do I need annual maintenance to keep my furnace warranty valid?”

Most furnace manufacturers offer a standard warranty for your heating and cooling equipment, with the option to upgrade to an extended warranty. When you have a furnace or air conditioner installed, you should receive information about this, and this is a question to ask during the sales process.

How to Keep Your Furnace Warranty Valid

There is one main way to ensure the warranty on your furnace is kept valid.  Simply having annual furnace maintenance completed by a reputable heating contractor is the easiest way to have your furnace checked and cleaned each year so that your warranty is kept valid.

In fact, most furnace manufacturers state right under their warranty that the furnace must be installed, operated, and maintained by a licensed HVAC service provider and that the company may request written documentation showing the proper preventative maintenance.

warranty remains valid with maintenance

Warranties do differ depending on the furnace manufacturer, so if you are unsure of your warranty, check your warranty forms provided to you by your installer, or call your furnace installer and ask them about your warranty and what needs to be completed to keep it valid.

For the most part, you need to have annual maintenance completed to keep your furnace warranty valid.

What happens if I don’t have a regular furnace cleaning?

When you have a licensed HVAC technician visit your home each year, they perform an inspection and cleaning of your furnace. If you want to know exactly what is performed during this visits, check out this post Annual Furnace Tune-Up and Maintenance.

During these visits, the service technicians will inspect and identify any parts that need cleaning and replaced. When you do not have annual service, dust and dirt can make way into the furnace parts, and cause them to break down earlier than they should. Which means, parts will need to be replaced sooner than they should be, and your warranty could be found void because you did not take the proper precautions to keep your furnace running properly.

See how lack of maintenance caused this furnace to break down prematurely. 

How Much Does Annual Maintenace Cost?

The cost of furnace maintenance will depend on the contractor you use. Usually, the cost of a furnace cleaning will pay for itself when you look at energy savings and the money saved from reduced breakdowns and replacement parts.

Most HVAC contractors will offer a low monthly payment option so that even though you get your furnace cleaned once a year, you only pay a low price each month.


Annual maintenance is an important part of keeping your furnace warranty valid, and also offers you peace of mind that your home and family are safe year-round.


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