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Rent a New System with Complete Peace of Mind

Rental furnaces have been around for awhile but are often associated with ridiculous rates and stipulations. We are proud to introduce a low monthly rental option for furnace rentals, air conditioning rentals, and home comfort system rentals in Sudbury area.

Rental Furnaces Available in Greater Sudbury

Exciting options for rental furnaces and rental air conditioners in Sudbury. Rent-to-own gives you a flexible low-cost option.

Find out more about the benefits of rentals

Renting a furnace, air conditioner or water heater is a great way to obtain a new HVAC system for your home, especially if it is an unexpected purchase.

Not all rental programs are created equally. The furnace rental program from Northern Air 669 Heat in Greater Sudbury provides fair and flexible options for homeowners.

Why would you want to rent a heating or cooling system?

 Your payments stay the same the entire term which makes budgeting easier.

 Buyout your rental early without penalty.

 Own the equipment at the end of the term

 Rentals are transferrable to new homeowners

Rent today!