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What is a Duct Cleaning and Why Do I Need One?

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What is a Duct Cleaning and Why Do I Need One?

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How often do you sweep your floor? What about dust your furniture?

We take such pride in keeping our homes clean, yet one main area of the home goes unkempt.

The furnace in your home is one of the most-used appliances. It heats the air and forces the air throughout your home. And what does the air travel through? Your air ducts.

The ductwork inside your home is easy to forget about keeping clean because we don’t see it. However, even though we don’t see it, a lot of dust, dirt and allergens can be hidden inside.

why do i need a duct cleaning

Dirty ductwork can be solved with a ductwork cleaning

There are a few main reasons to get your ductwork cleaned:

You haven’t had a duct cleaning in 5 years (or ever)

A duct cleaning is recommended every 5 years in order to keep the ducts clean from debris.

You would be surprised by the items found in a duct cleaning; everything from children’s toys to pet toys, to golf balls.

Why should you get a duct cleaning?

Items can get dropped into your ductwork; golf balls, toys, etc.

Not sure if your home has had a duct cleaning? If your ductwork is accessible in the basement, take a look at your ductwork to see if there are any patched holes. This is a good indicator that it has been cleaned before, the question is just how long ago?

You recently did home renovations

When you have renovations done in your home, there is often extra drywall dust, sawdust and other particles floating around your home. It is advised to have a duct cleaning if this is the case.

If you did simple reno’s like changed a door or sink, you likely don’t need to book a duct cleaning. A duct cleaning is recommended after extreme renovations resulting in a lot of dirt and dust which gets caught in the ductwork of your home.

Allergies and Asthma

If there is anyone in your home suffering from severe allergies, especially children, duct cleaning and proper air filtration and purification can help to reduce allergens in your home and provide healthier indoor air for children to breathe.

If anyone in your family is suffering from an allergy-related illness, consider having your ducts cleaned and inquire with a heating contractor about air filtration, purification and UV Lights.


Do you have one or more hairy pets in your home? Animals, especially large furry ones can cause a huge amount of fur throughout your home (no surprise to anyone with pets). This fur can collect inside your ductwork and be sucked into the furnace filter. If you have a large amount of pet fur in your home, a duct cleaning is recommended.

What system is used for the duct cleaning?

We use a great duct cleaning option called Rotobrush and the system uses a combination of a brush and vacuum to remove the dirt and dust from the ducts and then vacuums it up.

Still not sure if your home needs a duct cleaning? Contact a duct cleaning expert in Sudbury today.



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