Gas Fireplace Contractor in Sudbury | 669 Heat


Warm Your Home

add a new sense of warmth and comfort

A new gas fireplace not only adds visual appeal and character to your home, it provides additional warmth and comfort.

  • Gas fireplaces provide radiant heat which help to heat your home in a power outage.
  • Add a cozy touch to your home without the mess of wood.
  • Many options and styles to choose from.
  • Make sure to keep it maintained each year.

Warmth that lasts

keep your family comfortable

A major benefit of installing a gas fireplace is that it provide radiant heat for your home.

Radiant heat warms your home even in a power outage, which means your family stays warm and safe during winter.

Make your home cozy

visual appeal for your home

A new gas fireplace can help to transform your home into a cozy hangout for you and your family. Fireplaces, whether an insert, or free-standing fireplace, add visual appeal, character and charm.